The Sostratus Alumni Association is set up to organize and unite in fellowship for the education and professional development of its members. It also serves to promote the artistic, scientific, and practical proficiency of its membership and the profession. The further objective of the Association shall be to promote scholarship within the Sostratus Chapter of the national professional fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi.

Alpha Rho Chi is a co-ed professional fraternity for architecture and the allied arts that was founded in the year 1914 in Chicago, Illinois by combining two different organizations.  The name, Alpha Rho Chi, came from the first three letters in the Greek word  αρχιτεκτονική (architektoniki).  For more about Alpha Rho Chi as a national organization please visit our national website at www.alpharhochi.org

The Sostratus Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi at Washington State University was founded in April 2009. The Chapter’s goals are to achieve scholastic, professional, philanthropic, and social excellence, as well as the promotion of thoughtful design within the community.

The Sostratus Alumni Association is determined to provide support, and advocate the goals of the two related organizations. The individuals, as well as the association as a whole, are driven to promote the world of architecture and the allied arts, and assist the communities in which we live.

Fidelitas, Amor et Artes