Grace Braganza







Master of Arts in Historical and Sustainable Architecture, New York University

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, concentration in Art History and Architectural History, Washington State University



Grace is the current president of the Sostratus Alumni Association. As a previous president of the active chapter, she is familiar with and invites the continual charge of leading the brotherhood, and is focused on positively impacting Association members and her surrounding brothers.

Historic architecture is riveting to Grace and her adoration for art history and the fine arts have compelled her to learn how different forms of art have shaped our present. Her excitement encompassing architectural history has also influenced Grace to study and pursue a career in historic preservation. During a personal burgeoning, Grace moved to London to receive a global perspective on preservation policies and sustainable building techniques. It was here where she nurtured her knowledge in adaptive reuse approaches for rehabilitating historic structures. 

Now settled on the eastern seaboard, Grace works for KSS Architects where she multi-tasks as an AEC marketing professional and a prospective preservationist,  gaining necessary experience and carrying out her fervor for architectural & historic preservation involvement. 


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